Spy Email Camera

Spy Email Camera

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The Spy Email Camera is a hidden camera. It is a software which connects the respective mobile phone with the personal email id of the person.The application comes handy for transferring the video and the images to the email id in the bulk. A hidden lens is fixed in the garments, the function of the lens is to record the live footage and pictures and send it to any mail id. The Spy Email Camera in India is available online and offline and spy stores.

  • It records live footage and transfers to the respective email id.
  • The lens automatically starts recording, clicking the picture and transfers it to the mail id.
  • The device can transfer the videos and pictures and the bulk.
  • The lens neither blinks a light nor it makes a sound while recording and sending the data. So the whole process is disguised without alerting the other person.
  • The device is easy to use
  • The lens is 15 mega pixels, so it records clear footage.
  • The device also has a face detection feature, so the moment it detects a face, it starts recording.
  • No cable is required.
  • The user can change the email id also.

  • Inbuilt camera-15 megapixels.
  • It can send 1000 pictures at a time.
  • Fix the lens in the garment. The lens looks like a button so no one can detect it. After few settings and directing the device on which email id the videos has to be sent, the moment the lens will detect the face, it will start recording and the footage on the respective email id. You can buy SPY Email Camera in Delhi from the manufacturers and the suppliers of the spy gadgets and the best price .

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