Spy Bluetooth Mobile Watch Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Mobile Watch Earpiece Set

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The mobile watch is exclusively designed for secret and two way communication. The set includes a smart watch inbuilt with the Bluetooth and the microphone and a pair of earpiece, which are too small that it easily conceals in the ears. It is a classy digital wristwatch with the large screen as compared to other watches. The inbuilt Bluetooth connects the gadget with the mobile phone of the other phone from whom the information is received. The hidden mic receives the clear voice of the person from the other side and transmit to the listener clearly. Because of the exclusive features, demand of the Spy Bluetooth Mobile Watch Earpiece Set in India is increasing.

  • The smart watch, ends the problem of picking the cell phone. Now, the person has to just press a button of the watch and he can easily hear the other person via an earpiece.
  • Spy Bluetooth Mobile Watch Earpiece Set can work with any mobile phone equipped with the Bluetooth.
  • It is a classy digital watch with the inbuilt microphone, through which the listener can hear, what another person is saying clearly.
  • The hands-free, mini headphone is plugged inside the ears and are not visible to others.
  • It is a digital classy wrist watch

  • Interviewee, for hearing the answers
  • Students for cheating in the exams
  • Investigator for contacting with other people secretly
  • And others, who deal in secret communication

  • Spy Bluetooth Mobile Watch Earpiece
  • Manual
  • Charger for spy Bluetooth mobile watch
  • 5 Battery, Sony, 416
  • One year warranty card

The smart gadget is easy to use.Before you start operating it charge the device completely, then set the Bluetooth and connect it to the compatible mobile phone, equipped with the Bluetooth, set your password, the gadget is ready to use and don’t forget to plug in the earpiece, your hearing aid. Before that insert the batteries the mini headphone. The wide range of Spy Bluetooth Mobile Watch Earpiece Set in Delhi is available online. The interested people can buy the classy multipurpose device from the dealers and suppliers of the spy gadget at the best price possible.

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